Bank Equity Program

becoming a bank notes

The Bank Equity Program can be used to pay for tuition, room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and and anything you need at college.

Instead of using your checking account to receive and payout funds, you will use your home equity line for all income deposits and expense payouts.

By depositing your income into the account, you can use discretionary income (income minus expenses) to keep your borrowing costs low.

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becoming a bank notes

1st: Use the equity in your home to pay for college

Use your equity line to pay for college costs minus the financial aid received:

  • pay tuition
  • pay room and board
  • pay for books, tech, and supplies
  • pay for misc. needs

2nd: Deposit all of your scheduled income sources into your banker home equity line of credit account

You will take all of your scheduled income sources and deposit them into your equity line account instead of your checking account. Deposit:

  • salary income
  • capital gains
  • savings
  • spare change

3rd: Now use your banker home equity account to pay family expenses

Use your banker home equity account to pay for everyday budgeted and planned expenses such as:

  • monthly bills
  • food and clothing
  • mortgage payment
  • budgeted card charges
  • budgeted debt charges
  • other living expenses

use it like you would
use your regular
checking account
to pay for everyday
living expenses

Benefit: Your discretionary income pay offs your college debt balance FAST!

Your discretionary income (the income amount minus your expenses) remains into your banker home equity line account to lower your college debt balance.

Over time, you will be able to pay off your financing debts in half the time by budgeting and managing your banker home equity line.

You can also use your banker account to finance other needs such personal debt, a new car, home improvement and other.

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